Performance Meal Shakes.

Only 1 Gram of Sugar.

*Per 400 Calorie Serving

Designed for doers and people with demanding schedules, Parachute Shakes was created so nutrition can meet you on your terms and accelerate your life.

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30g Protein. Only 1g Total Sugar.

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100% Complete Nutrition

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Ultimate Convenience for Busy Schedules

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For mornings when I'm rushing out the door, I finally have a healthy breakfast! When I have more time, I like to freeze mine and make a smoothie."


This is great for work. I keep a few of these in my desk so I never have to skip lunch when I get busy.


The flavor and texture are what I like most. I no longer have to go for those 'hold my nose to get them down' shakes.


Why Parachute?

Means feeling good about the sustainability and low cholesterol of our plant-based formula.

Means sustained energy without the bloated feeling that comes from high-fat shakes.

Means no crash because your day is challenging enough without it and your body doesn't want it.