Parachute Announces Partnership with Fleur People

Healthy Vending Machine Operator, Fleur People Corporation recently announced that it will be offering Parachute meal shakes at select Denver locations. In doing so, Fleur People adds its first performance meal shake to its lineup of healthy foods and gives busy professionals healthier on-the-go options.


Fleur People is a values-based organization that owns and operates a network of healthy vending machines throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. “Eating healthy starts with access” says Kristin Kim, CEO of Fleur People. “I know a lot of people who want to eat better, who want to live heathier lives – but even with our modern on-the-go work culture, almost all the convenience food options out there are still designed to be fatty snacks, rather than the sustaining nutrition that people need.”

Like Fleur People, Parachute sees an enormous public health need for healthy on-the-go food options. According to Parachute’s Co-Founder, Porter Williams, “Fleur People is an ideal partner because they share our passion and commitment to promoting healthy eating practices, especially within the convenience space.”

Parachute’s just-add-water shakes, which are now being offered in Fleur People vending machines provide a nutritionally complete meal with 30 grams of protein and only 1 gram of sugar. With a balanced macronutrient profile and 6 grams of dietary fiber, Parachute Shakes are designed to keep you full and healthy, all in an easy drinkable format.

To learn more about Fleur People, request a vending machine at your location, or find out where you can find one, please reach out to  or visit them online at