The Next Evolution in On-the-Go Meals

Until Mī Mix complete drinkable meals, the balanced, on-the-go meal solutions were slim. Other meal shakes simply don't keep you full, taste terrible, or lack macronutrient balance, leaving you feeling crummy or drained from too much sugar or too much fat. At Mī Mix, our philosophy is grounded in balance, and our drinkable meals are designed through and through for balance—from balance in formulation to helping provide balance in your life.

At Mī Mix, we are creating the next evolution in modern meal replacements: the parachute meal. Parachute meals are complete, on-the-go meals designed to meet you where you are in life, and to enable you to take control of your busy schedule.

Parachute meals are designed for modern professionals who want to get the most out of both their careers as well as their personal lives. It is no secret that our work lives are ever more defined by increasing connectivity and an erosion of the work-life boundary. But many of us are not content with settling at this reality, and demand just as much out of our social and personal schedules as our work schedules demand of us.

Our parachute meals keep you full and feeling energized by bringing the nutrition of a complete meal to grab-and-go convenience. This allows you to get time back in your schedule with quick and easy nutrition while you’re on the run, and it eliminates the need to snack through lunch when your schedule gets busy.