Welcome to Mī Mix!

Welcome to Mī Mix! We are glad that you’ve found us, and we hope you find our meals as helpful as we do in getting the most out of your days—especially those days where breakfast or lunch have to take a back seat to work, life, or hobbies!

We want to use this first post to talk a little about our philosophy and why we developed Mī Mix.

We created Mī Mix with a couple things in mind:

  • First, that your macronutrient levels from a single meal should reflect what you target for daily values
  • Second, that one-size-fits-all is not a great model for nutrition as a whole, especially when it comes to on-the-go nutrition
So many other meal shakes out there take so many different approaches. Often we have found that they either index heavily on fats (greater than 35% of Calories) or on carbohydrates (greater than 65% of Calories). We weren’t comfortable regularly consuming either of these types of meals. Others over index on proteins (greater than 35% of Calories). In a western diet this may be less of a sin (most of us get too much fat and carbs as it is), but our bodies still need healthy fats and carbs to keep performing as designed.

Additionally, it is a select few meal shakes that actually desire to deliver a meal’s worth of Calories. Most shakes out there that we have come across in the category have a serving size less than 200 Calories. Maybe that makes a good snack, but we have found that a 200 Calorie meal hardly left us feeling full for very long.

On the other end of the spectrum are meal shakes that provide 400 Calories across the board. This is certainly a step in the right direction if the product is going to serve as an actual meal, but how many of us really need the same 400 Calorie serving size for a meal?

At Mī Mix, we recognize that different people have different Calorie needs. This will be driven by body types and activity level, among other factors. That’s why we developed a wide range of single serve packets: from 240 Calories to 600 Calories. This, paired with the 25% fats – 30% protein – 45% carbohydrate formula, allows our customers to get a right-sized meal with a balanced macronutrient blend.