Looking for an Alternative to Ample?
Try Parachute Shakes!

Easy - Healthy - Delicious

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100% Complete, Drinkable Meals

  • > Balanced macros means feeling full without feeling bloated

  • > Mildly sweet with a hint of vanilla

  • > Personalize for your body with 5 different meal sizes

  • Parachute is a drinkable meal designed specifically to solve the on-the-go meal problem of "How do I find something that's healthy, easy, and delicious for those times when I can’t afford to slow down for a traditional meal".
  • We love to keep a couple pouches in our laptop bag or office drawer to make sure we never get stuck choosing between going hungry or eating junk food again.
  • Parachute has a balanced macronutrient profile, loads of micronutrients, and best of all it actually tastes great. Just mix with water, shake, and enjoy!