Giving Back

At Parachute, we are passionate about good nutrition, and every day we are committed to helping people optimize their diets and nutritional intake. That's why $1 of every single order we ship is donated to groups and charities dedicated to fighting hunger and undernourishment around the world.

We believe that access to good nutrition is a basic human need, but the reality is that not all of us have that access. Even today, food security is still a serious problem in many parts of the world -- with hundreds of millions of people subject to undernourishment or chronic hunger. In 2016, an estimated 815 million people did not reliable have access to enough food calories to maintain a baseline sedentary lifestyle.

Our team at Parachute wants to do its part, which is why we support organizations such as The Hunger Project, Bread for the World, Feeding America, and others. The truth is, we couldn't do our part without the loyalty of our customers. So, thank you from our team to each of you for all your support, and feel good knowing that your order of Parachute products helps those in need!