Our Mission

The problem

We started Mī Mix because we couldn’t find a healthy and convenient on-the-go meal solution. Whenever possible, we love preparing fresh, home cooked meals, but just like 8 hours of sleep, it’s unfortunately not always a reality. When you’re out there chasing your goals is when you need your body at its best. We spent a long time searching, trying almost every on-the-go product out there, and frankly, the options were not great.

How we fixed it

You have a unique set of energy and nutrition needs, so we created a product that is personalized specifically for you. While other stuff out there takes the mantra that a one-size-fits-all food product is good enough, we believe you’re too important to use anything less than a product optimized for your body. We created Mī Mix so you can always perform at your best, even when you’re on-the-go!

What’s in your meal matters! That’s why we started with hard science, not tabloid buzzwords. From the ingredients we select to the macronutrient balance in the product, you can be confident that your body is getting what it needs to keep you at your best!

  • We started with science, not buzz words
  • We built a product that meets you where you are: it’s not just good enough – it’s personalized specifically for what you and your body need!
  • Easy – when you’re on the go is when you need your body at it’s best the most – our single serve packs are perfect for alpine starts and conference calls with the Tokyo office
  • It tastes good – you should enjoy your meals, not dread them