Our Story

Between all of this time on the go, we found it was often impossible to carve out enough time to sit down and prepare a healthy meal three times a day, seven days a week. We needed something we could feel good about drinking on the go and that could keep us going at full speed for those times where we just didn’t have time to slow down for a full meal. That’s how Mī Mix was born.

We started Mī Mix with two things in mind. First, that a complete meal replacement could both be good for you and taste good too. And second, that everyone needs something different when it comes to nutrition.

Mī Mix is designed to provide you a nutritional solution for those meals where you just don’t have time to slow down and can’t afford to compromise with junk food. And it’s designed to be tailored to your unique needs, based on your body, your activity level, and your nutritional goals.