The Parachute Story

A letter from the founder

Like you, we at Parachute have found life to be one action-packed adventure—both exhilarating and hectic as we juggle exciting careers, full home lives, and fun hobbies. And getting the most out of our careers and lives often means making trade-offs, but we don’t believe good nutrition has to be one of these trade-offs. That’s why we built Parachute.

Both Porter and I, the Co-Founders of Parachute, are passionate about great nutrition, and so are our customers. In fact, we believe that if you ask anyone, they will tell you that nutrition is of pinnacle importance in their lives (and it should be!). But when push comes to shove, having a healthy meal is often one of the first things to go in order to save time to devote to other activities. Whether it is a busy work schedule, getting the kids to school, or trying to find an hour for yourself, there just simply isn’t always enough time.

Before we started Parachute, Porter and I, each in our own careers, were often were forced to face this very dilemma. My role as a food scientist developing food products often found me on the road and working through lunch—long days visiting plants to ensure quality and consistency with the products I had painstakingly researched and designed.

Porter’s management consulting role found him living out of hotels and spending full days at remote work sites. His schedule was often packed and virtually always variable. Porter found that very often he would be missing lunch in order to take his work to the next level.

In both cases, we found that when we missed meals, we were not at our best. Either we had the mental fog associated with hunger, or we had that physical crash associated with the junk foods to which we would often resort We also each found that other meal shakes either had way too much fat, or way too much sugar. Or, they simply didn’t keep us full—we were amazed at how many meal shakes out there had fewer than 200 Calories! We couldn’t figure out why we couldn’t find a meal shake that would keep us full, and that had a balanced macronutrient profile—so in 2017 we set out to build one.

It took quite a bit of testing, but we finally discovered a formula that has a balanced macronutrient profile in line with modern dietary recommendations. We solved the calorie problem by creating different serving sizes in convenient single-serve pouches, so that we and our customers could get the amount we needed—no more, no less—this way we can feel good about getting enough nutrients to keep us full without so much we are overeating.

We hope you love our meal shakes, and we encourage you to try them so you don’t have to go hungry or resort to snacking on junk food. This way you can stay at your best, and get the most out of your career, home life, and hobbies!

 Quin Patton Signature

Quin Patton, MS Nutritional Science
Co-Founder of Parachute 
Head of Product Development